P1M Aura

Dimmable LED pendant


Characterized by a bold spherical form, Aura adds a tasteful visual appeal of dim-to-warm technology which enhances its allure. Featuring a small 1.5″ diameter ceiling canopy provides a subtle mounting point at the ceiling. Aura’s upper hemisphere is crafted of aircraft-grade machined aluminum in anodized finishes while the lower portion is a clear optical lens featuring a concave frosted dome. Aura emits a flattering warm light owing to Archilume’s signature application of total internal reflection optics. Aura’s warm glow ranges from a full brightness of 3000 degrees Kelvin to a dimmed-down color temperature of 1800 degrees. Alto can hang as a single element or be grouped to create an inspiring installation on a grand scale.


High efficiency LED decorative pendant mount luminaire with machined aluminum housing and clear acrylic light control lens. Mounts with 1.5″ diameter ceiling micro-canopy.


  • Single 4 watt warm dimmable LED, 400 lumens, 95 CRI, 3000K to 1800K smooth dimming transition
  • Optional 3000K, 3500K color temperatures available

Cable Length

120″(3048mm) suspension cable provided standard. Field adjustable.

Metal finish

  • Clear anodized aluminum (Standard Finish)
  • Black, Champagne, Gold anodized finishes available

Light Distribution Optics

  • Clear lens with diffuse optics
  • Satin finish with diffuse optics (Optional)


Constant current class 2 driver (0-10V dimmable), 120/277V 50/60Hz, 700mA (sold separately). See D8_700 remote driver spec sheet for details.


Approved to UL safety standards.

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